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Maximum Safety For Children Are Provided With Our Proprietary JustSwim Safety System

Our top priority at JustSwim is our student’s safety.

As certified swimming instructors in Singapore, we ensure every safety measure is put in place to guarantee safety. This multi-layered approach includes certified instructors, strict adherence to safety protocols, and a focus on building your child’s water confidence. 

While adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, we create a safe environment for your child to participate in swimming courses in Singapore.

Swimming Lessons at JustSwim
Work With Patient Coaches at JustSwim Singapore

Work With Patient Coaches Who Will Not Leave The Swimming Pool Unless You Get Your Strokes Right

Learning to swim should be a positive experience. Our team of experienced and dedicated coaches provides personalised attention during our Singapore swimming lessons. 

This means they stay by your child’s side in the pool until they master each stroke with confidence. Regardless of your child’s prior experience.

With experienced and dedicated coaches in our team, we guarantee your child will be able to pick up swimming regardless of their experience.

Our coaches don’t leave the pool until your child gets their strokes right.

Your child will not feel overwhelmed as we plan out our syllabus step-by-step so that your child can keep up with the pace

Afraid that your child might be overwhelmed with too much to learn?

Our Singapore swim lessons take the guesswork out of learning. We use a step-by-step, personalised syllabus specifically designed for each child’s needs and learning pace. 

This customised approach ensures a stress-free learning environment where your child feels confident and can progress at their own comfortable speed.

A group swimming class at JustSwim

What Clients Say About Us

Super M VieSuper M Vie
14:23 07 Apr 23
I am almost 40yo, and I don't know how to swim. I am uneasy on water. Today is my first session in swimming with Coach Joshua. We had a 45min session. I am happy to say that I learned to do a short distance of breast stroke. It was a fun, informative and fulfilling experience. At first there was some feeling of low-self esteem, but during and after the class, I felt more confidence and excited to practice more, and look forward to the next class. I encourage everyone to learn to swim! It is good for your health, makes holidays on resorts, beaches and sea more enjoyable, and makes you more confident too. Thanks to Coach Joshua! He is patient, encouraging and explains the principles clearly! 🙌The photos attached here are in AMK Swimming complex.
mayhui tanmayhui tan
09:10 24 Mar 23
My kids started their lesson on Dec 2022. Thank you coach Darren and i can see great improvement. They love it, has lots of fun during lesson and cant wait for the next lesson start.
When I enrolled my 4 yrs daughter in swimming lessons, I was concerned about her lack of experience. But the coach were amazing! Coach took her time to teach her the basics, and she has been improving with each lesson. Coach was very patient with her, and it's been such a pleasure to see her develop her skills. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for quality swimming lessons!
22:39 28 Aug 22
Coach Darren is by far the best i have seen in Singapore. His way of coaching was so efficient and thorough. He truly covered the most important basics of swimming that i felt lacked in all the other lessons my sons have taken with other coaches. My 7 year old son’s progress was phenomenal in just under a week, he was able to refine his strokes and was swimming with coordination and good speed, compared to the little progress i saw after months of weekly lessons he has had before with other coaches. We had this coach for just 4 days since we were visiting Singapore from Canada, and I am amazed by how different the results were in just 4 lessons. So if you want to see speedy progress, I highly recommend Darren. Well worth the $ spent.
Belle BelleBelle Belle
06:02 29 Jul 22
My daughter started learning under Coach Darren since she was 4.5 years old.Coach Darren was our 5th instructor already by that time. He was very patient and good with children. He brought toys and engaged with my daughter and she really enjoyed every swimming session. He teaches my daughter in a systematic method to ensure she could master every stage.Coach Darren is very good with young toddler. Trust you are in good hand with him as the Coach for yr child. Highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Yes, our coaches are equipped with a car and can drive to anywhere in Singapore.

Yes, our coaches are available both in the day and in the night. 

Our lessons start from as early as 7am all the way till as late as 9pm.

As of today’s writing, the maximum number of students per group is 4. We abide by the COVID-19 measures and we ensure our classes do not exceed 4 students in total.

This also ensures that maximum attention span is given to each student.

Our coaches are equipped with either Singapore’s National Registry Of Coaches Certification (NROC), the much-accredited AUSTSWIM certification, Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association certification (SSTA).


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