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Secure Your Free Trial Class Worth $70 At Bedok (Applicable For Adults and Kids)

Ever wanted to bring your kids out to the swimming pool but you don’t feel confident because they don’t know how to swim yet? 

You won’t be missing out on a chance to beat the Singapore heat any longer! 

Sign your kids up (or yourself, too) for a free Bedok swimming lesson and see how much they enjoy JustSwim’s swimming lessons! 

All you need to do is click the button below!

Our Proprietary JustSwim Safety System Will Protect Your Kids Throughout The Lesson

JustSwim’s swimming instructors are experienced professionals who have been trained to implement safety measures throughout the sessions. 

These safety measures are in compliance with the latest COVID-19 guidelines from the government, so you can be sure that the swimming lessons at Bedok are carried out in the safest manner possible.

Bedok Swimming Lessons Are For Everyone (Yes, You Too!)

We’ve mentioned above how we keep our swimming lessons in Bedok safe for kids (and everyone too, really). 

But we want to clarify that at JustSwim, we believe that “safe” does not equate to “boring”. 

To ensure that lessons are engaging and beneficial for your kids, the experienced and dedicated swimming instructors of JustSwim personalise every kid’s lesson plans according to each of their experience, potential and capabilities. 

That way, they’ll always be learning something new and won’t be overwhelmed or bored!

You too can discuss with our swimming instructors at Bedok about your swimming background and goals so that they can come up with a customised lesson plan for you. 

With a customised lesson plan, you’ll be able to pick up swimming at your own pace regardless of how much (or little) prior background you’ve had.

You’ll also feel more comfortable and safe knowing that your lesson plans are unique to your capabilities.

We understand that ladies may feel more comfortable when they or their daughters learn from a female coach. 

As such, JustSwim is well-prepared to arrange swimming lessons by professional female swimming instructors

For maximum comfort, ladies may now sign up for ladies-only classes for their daughters or with their girlfriends

Bedok Swimming Complex

Our instructors offer swimming lessons at Bedok Swimming Complex (also known as Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSG Swimming Complex) in the form of group classes or private swimming classes.

Consisting of 1 Competition pool, 1 Sheltered Training pool, 1 Learner Pool and 1 Interactive Pool, residents of Bedok need not travel far for swimming lessons!



11 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 469662


Operating Hours:

Tuesday, Saturday, Public Holidays: 8.00am – 9.30pm 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday: 6.30am – 9.30pm 

Thursday: 3:00pm – 9:45pm


JustSwim understands that people have many commitments nowadays. So to make it easier for you to learn swimming, our wonderful swimming instructors at Bedok offer flexible timings!

This way, you can schedule swimming lessons according to your convenience, be it morning or night.


Condos and Private Facilities

To make it even more convenient for you, if you have access to a private pool (such as a condo pool in Bedok) and prefer having swimming lessons there instead of a public pool, you may let us know and our swimming instructors will conduct the lesson there for you.

Why Should You Choose JustSwim in Bedok

JustSwim’s Bedok swimming lessons are specifically designed for each student, regardless of kid or adult. You’ll have the most meaningful time learning how to swim at your own pace with JustSwim. 

Furthermore, we are offering a free swimming lesson where you’ll get to try out one session with us to see if it is to your liking. 

Use this swimming lesson to see how it is conducted, how safe it is, how competent our instructors are, how much you (or your kids) enjoy yourself/themselves, and whether you’d like to continue learning with us. 

If we did not meet your expectations, you may back out after the class as it is obligation-free. 

So take a chance, and try it out for yourself! Besides, our instructors will cater to your desired timing and location so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Bedok Residents Are Taking Up Swimming

  1. To make full use of the Heartbeat @ Bedok Swimming Complex which charges inexpensive fares of less than $2 for a swim (for adults too).
  2. Many Bedok residents must’ve been inspired by the first Decathlon experience store in Singapore! Located at Viva Business Park in Bedok, it is one of the biggest stores in Singapore selling affordable sporting goods! 
  3. To learn a life skill! Life skills like swimming are valuable and timeless. They may seem trivial now, but they might just save your life or the lives of your loved ones one day.  

Our Patient And Competent Instructors Will Supervise Closely

Swimming lessons in Bedok are conducted safely. 

Our Instructors will be by your side, in the pool, and they won’t leave until you get your strokes right!

No matter how long it takes, they will be right by you to guide you and make sure you’re safe.

Your Kid’s Step-By-Step Learning Syllabus Will Be Just Right: Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow

JustSwim takes pride in our experienced instructors who’ve had designed lesson plans for many students. 

The lesson plan is designed with the goal of making the lessons engaging and beneficial for the student. 

That means the pace is just right. It won’t be too slow (or else it’ll be boring) and it won’t be too fast either (or else it’ll be overwhelming). 

So you don’t have to worry!


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bedok Swimming Lessons​

Yes! Our instructors will cater to your preferred location and timing that best caters to your convenience. So if you prefer having lessons at your condo pool, just let us know!

Yes! Our instructors provide flexible timings so you can schedule lessons from as early as 7am to as late as 9pm!

The standard duration of a swimming lesson is 1 hour.

As of today, the maximum number of students per group is 8 as we abide by the COVID-19 measures to ensure safety for both you and your child.

This may change according to the latest COVID-19 guidelines set out by the government. Rest assured, we will advise you further should that happen. 

Most certainly! Our coaches are equipped with either Singapore’s National Registry Of Coaches Certification (NROC), the much accredited AUSTSWIM certification, or the Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association certification (SSTA).



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