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School Holiday Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Singaporeans live a hectic lifestyle. Parents and kids often have little time for other leisure activities outside school or work. So, if you’ve always wanted to sign your child up for swimming classes, the holidays are perfect.

At JustSwim Singapore we understand that the school holidays can be a long and sometimes boring time for children. 

That’s why we offer a fun and engaging holiday swimming lesson program to keep kids active and to learn new skills. Instead of playing video games or staying all day indoors, your kids could make good use of the school holiday, learning an important life skill and becoming more physically and mentally fit than their peers.

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Learn Intensive Swimming Lessons In A Short Period

JustSwim’s holiday swimming program is designed to teach basic techniques to beginners and the development of swim strokes for more advanced swimmers.

Instead of once a week, your child can take holiday swimming classes as frequently as three times a day or more, depending on their preferences. 

Think of our holiday swim program as a full-blown swimming course condensed into short, high-intensity sessions. This helps your kids master basic strokes in just a short amount of time.

Holiday Swimming Lessons Taught By Certified Coaches​

All our swim coaches are certified by NROC, AUSTSWIM, or SSTA. You can rest easy knowing your children will learn swimming skills only from the best of the best.

Our experienced instructors will teach your child the fundamental skills of swimming, such as floating, kicking, and stroke development/refinement. 

We provide crash courses for people who are looking to learn swimming within a short time! This helps build their water confidence and eliminate their fear of the water.

Put your kid’s energy to good use through JustSwim’s personalised holiday swimming lessons for school kids of all ages. They’ll be bragging to their friends about just how well-spent their school holidays were!

Fun, Engaging, Exciting, And Affordable Holiday Swimming Lessons For Your Kids

In addition to the swimming lessons, we also conduct team- building games to keep kids entertained and learn values during the lessons. We hold mini-races with other students at the end of the program to develop your child’s competitive spirit and sense of achievement!

The best part? Our holiday swimming lessons in Singapore program are affordable, and we also offer discounts for multiple children and bulk bookings.

Sign Your Child Up For The Best Holiday Swimming Program With JustSwim!

Holiday swimming lessons are available in all public pools and condominiums island-wide. Lessons are available on both weekdays and weekends from 7 am to 8 pm.

Sign up for our holiday swimming lesson program today and give your child the gift of swimming

Frequently Asked Questions About Holiday Swimming Program In Singapore

Private swimming lessons during the holidays can cost anywhere between $120-$180 per student. Get in touch with JustSwim’s coaches for more information on our rates.

Kids aged 2-4 can swim confidently in 12 months, but kids who take private lessons can learn as fast as six months.

Yes. Summer break for school students in Singapore typically lasts for four weeks. But the right coach can cut down that time to one week. As long as they frequently attend their swim classes and practise all drills and strokes, kids can quickly learn to swim over the summer with little fuss.

JustSwim’s holiday swimming program is available during weekdays and weekends, 7 am to 8 pm. 



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