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Redeem A Free Hougang Swimming Lesson For You Or Your Child
(Worth $70)

Never attended a swimming lesson before and you’re curious to see how it goes? 

JustSwim is offering a free first swimming lesson at Hougang that is applicable for both kids and adults! 

In this free trial lesson, you’ll get to experience learning from our certified and competent instructors. 

Simply click the button below to claim your first class for free!

JustSwim’s Proprietary Safety System Provides Maximum Safety For Children

At JustSwim, we have put in place a safety system that ensures the safest environments for Hougang swimming lessons. 

This includes the safety precautions and measures that our instructors have been trained to implement during their lessons.

These safety measures are in line with the latest COVID-19 guidelines implemented in Singapore. 

Rest assured, swimming lessons with JustSwim are conducted safely.

Types of Swimming Lessons Available In Hougang

At JustSwim, we have dedicated swimming instructors who will design a custom lesson plan for each student. 

This lesson plan will take into account the student’s learning pace, past experiences, strengths, roadblocks, capabilities and potential, so as to provide a conducive learning environment.

We believe that by providing a conducive learning environment, our instructors will be able to conduct lessons more effectively and students will be able to learn better. 

At the same time, our experienced instructors at Hougang will provide supervision and guidance during their lessons.

Like our kids’ swimming lessons, adults swimming lessons at Hougang will also feature a specially designed lesson plan for each adult client. 

In addition to taking into account one’s learning pace, past experiences, strengths, roadblocks, capabilities and potential, it will also take into account one’s commitments so as to ensure that the lessons are not overwhelming. 

Whether you’ve had prior knowledge in swimming, or you’re trying to overcome a fear of water, our JustSwim instructors in Hougang will be able to craft a lesson plan for you.

Whatever your swimming goals are, achieve them with JustSwim.

For ladies who may not be comfortable learning to swim with a male instructor, no worries!

JustSwim has a team of certified female swimming instructors in Hougang who can conduct ladies-only lessons!

Feel free to sign up with your girlfriends as well!

Hougang Swimming Complex

Our instructors offer swimming lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex in the form of group classes or private 1-to-1 classes.

Equipped with 1 Competition Pool, 1 Teaching Pool, and 1 Wading Pool, Hougang Swimming Complex is a great venue for our lessons!



95 Hougang Avenue 4, Singapore 538830


Operating Hours:

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun & PH: 6.30am – 9.45pm Tuesday: 3.00pm – 9.45pm


Organised classes: 

Weekday – 12pm to 6pm 

Weekend – 9am to 6pm


Feel free to schedule your swimming lessons at your convenience, be it before or after your working/schooling hours. Our instructors have flexible timings and are able to cater to yours.


Condos and Private Facilities

If you prefer having lessons at a less crowded venue, you may schedule lessons at a private or condo pool in Hougang that you have access to. Our instructors will be able to conduct lessons there.

Why Should You Choose JustSwim in Hougang

At JustSwim, we let you have a free swimming lesson to try it out and “test the waters”. 

You’ll be able to gain first-hand experience learning how to swim from our experienced and professional swimming instructors. 

Find out how they teach, their lesson plans for you or your child, how comfortable you are with them, how safe and conducive the environment at the Hougang swimming lesson is, and so on. 

We’re certain our instructors won’t disappoint, but in the event that your expectations are not met, feel free to back out after the trial class. It is obligation-free. 

Sign up for your free swimming lesson at a time and venue convenient to you. Simply click the button below to register.

4 Reasons Why Hougang Swimming Complex Is A Popular Venue For Hougang Swimming Lessons

  1. It is conveniently located near Hougang MRT.
  2. Parents can wait for their children at nearby malls such as Hougang Mall and Hougang Green.
  3. Residents of Kovan can also sign up for swimming lessons at Hougang Swimming Complex as it is within close proximity.
  4. It is near residential areas and schools in the neighbourhood.

Until Your Child Masters The Swimming Strokes, Our Patient Instructors Will Not Leave The Swimming Pool

It may sound a bit extreme, but at JustSwim, we’re serious about safety.

Our dedicated and patient instructors will stay in the swimming pool in Hougangwith your child for as long as (s)he’s learning and mastering the strokes. 

With JustSwim, your child will be in good hands, and soon enough, they’ll be swimming laps on their own!

JustSwim Plans Out A Step-By-Step Syllabus So Your Child Won’t Be Overwhelmed

At JustSwim, while we’re serious about teaching how to swim, we do it in an engaging way that makes students motivated and enthusiastic to learn. 

Our step-by-step syllabus specially designed for each student will ensure that they are constantly challenging themselves and learning something new while having fun. 

We believe this will create a delightful learning experience for both the students and the instructors and it will be a win-win for everyone!

Your child will have an enjoyable time learning at their own pace and won’t feel overwhelmed, while our instructors at Hougang will have a good time teaching as well!


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hougang Swimming Lessons​

Yes! Besides Hougang Swimming Complex, our instructors can also conduct lessons at private and condo pools, if you have access to them.

All swimming lessons can be scheduled anytime between 7am and 9pm.

If you need to reschedule a lesson, you may do so within this window, and our instructors with flexible timing can accommodate.

The standard duration of a swimming lesson is 1 hour.

The maximum number of students per group is 8 pax, in line with the current COVID-19 measures.

This may change depending on the situation at hand. Rest assured, we will notify you should it change.

Yes! Our coaches are equipped with either Singapore’s National Registry Of Coaches Certification (NROC), the much accredited AUSTSWIM certification, or Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association certification (SSTA).



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