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We’re so confident that your child would enjoy our classes that we are offering you a free kids trial swimming class.

If your child has not signed up for a class before, join in for one our classes to see how your child would enjoy the class!  Claim your first class at absolutely no charge. Simply click the button below to claim your first class for free.

Maximum safety for children are provided with our proprietary JustSwim Safety System

As certified swimming instructors for conducting kids’ swimming lessons, we ensure every safety measure is put in place to guarantee safety.

While adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, we create a safe environment for your child to participate in swimming.

Kids Swimming Lesson In Singapore

Here at JustSwim, our certified swimming instructors will ensure that your child is safe at all times with our proprietary JustSwim Safety System. 

All our instructors will ensure that your child will learn to swim safely & happily without feeling overwhelmed, as we custom-tailor a swimming plan that matches your child’s potential.

This way, your child will be able to learn at his or her own pace while still enjoying the sport — all while they’re under safe supervision & guidance of our best swimming instructors.

We guarantee that with our dedicated & experienced coaches, your child will be able to pick up swimming regardless of their experience.

Regular swimming enables your child to have increased focus on daily activities and in their studies. 

Not to mention, swimming is a lifelong skill that will follow your child for life — and is a life-and-death skill that will allow them to navigate through deep waters safely.

Swimming also helps your child strengthen their lungs and body posture, helping them lead a healthier life.

And the downside of swimming?

There’s none really.

These are the SwimSafer stages that your child will go through:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage Bronze
  • Stage Silver
  • Stage Gold


Our certified instructors will teach your child the relevant strokes and water skills needed for each SwimSafer stage

Once your child is deemed ready to take the SwimSafer assessment by the instructor, we would invite your child to take the assessment at an ActiveSG public swimming complex.

ActiveSG Swimming Complex

Our instructors offer swimming lessons at ActiveSG Swimming Complexes across Singapore in the form of group classes or private 1-to-1 classes.

Each ActiveSG Swimming Complex has different operating hours and group coaching timings, so the timings may not be as flexible as a private pool.

Our instructors are able to cater to all kinds of timings and locations such as Yishun, Sengkang, Punggol, and more.


Condos and Private Facilities

If you or your child has access to a private pool such as condo pools, we’re happy to send our swimming instructors down to cater to your convenience and timing.

Our private swimming classes can be conducted at any pool in Singapore, at any timing to your convenience.

Why You Should Choose JustSwim For Your Child To Learn Swimming

Here at JustSwim, we offer a free trial swimming class for you or your child to “test the waters” with our experienced swimming coaches.

If you’re not satisfied with our teaching style or anything in general, you can back out after the trial class — obligation free.

We’re so confident that our swimming coaches will help you or your child learn swimming safely and quickly that we’re willing to offer a free trial class for you to see for yourself.

At the end of the day, even if the swimming instructor didn’t meet your expectations, you don’t lose anything from trying a trial class.

Be it private or group swimming lessons, or at public swimming complexes or private pools, our instructors will cater to your desired location and timing to your convenience.

Work with patient coaches who will not leave the swimming pool unless you get your strokes right

With experienced and dedicated coaches in our team, we guarantee your child will be able to pick up swimming regardless of their experience.

Our coaches don’t leave the pool until your child get their strokes right.

Your child will not feel overwhelmed as we plan out our syllabus step-by-step so that your child can keep up with the pace

Afraid that your child might be overwhelmed with too much to learn?

Fret not, we have a dedicated syllabus specially designed for each child.

We customize the experience to suit the needs of every child.

That way, your child will be able to learn at their own pace!


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Kids Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Yes! Our coaches will cater to your preferred location and timing that best caters to your convenience.

Yes! Our coaches can have lessons as early as 7am all the way till as late as 9pm. Our flexible coaches allow you to reschedule your classes without worries.

The standard duration of a swimming lesson is 1 hour.

As of today, the maximum number of students per group is 8 as we abide by the COVID-19 measures to ensure safety for both you and your child.

Our coaches are equipped with either Singapore’s National Registry Of Coaches Certification (NROC), the much accredited AUSTSWIM certification, Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association certification (SSTA).




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