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Survive In The Ocean With Open Water Swimming Lessons

Welcome to our open water swimming lesson packages in Singapore!

At JustSwim, we believe that open water swimming is an exciting and challenging way to improve fitness and enjoy the outdoors. Our open water swimming lessons are designed to teach you the skills and techniques you need to swim confidently in open water environments like the sea, ocean, lake, or river.

Feel Safe In The Open Water While Swimming With Sharks

Practising your strokes in a swimming pool is a lot different from open water swimming. There aren’t any lines, walls, or ropes to follow. This makes open water swimming lessons in Singapore exciting and liberating — perfect for everyone and daredevils who want to learn all the skills to survive and possibly even swim with sharks in the open water!

With JustSwim’s open water swimming lessons, you’re in good hands. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to navigate currents, read the water, and stay safe while swimming in the open water. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your skills and get comfortable swimming in the open water. 

Learn open water concepts like tidal charts, surfing, swell prediction, riptides, water exit, and many more. You’ll be so confident that you can even participate in open water swimming competitions by the time you finish our course.

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Very Affordable Open Water Swimming Lesson In Singapore

Our open water swimming lesson packages provides value at an affordable rate. We also offer discounts for multiple family members and bulk bookings.

Bring family members or friends with you as you breathe fresh air and take affordable open swim lessons in Singapore.

Swim With Nature At Different Locations In Singapore

Open water swimming lessons are available mainly in Sentosa and East Coast Park. Lessons are available on both weekdays and weekends from 7 am to 8 pm.

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Never Be Afraid Of The Ocean Again With Our Step-By-Step Open Swim Lessons

Don’t wait! Sign up for our open water swimming lesson package today and start enjoying the benefits of open water swimming!

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Water Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Changi Beach, Sentosa Beach, and East Coast Beach are available for open water swimming. But if you want to learn open swimming, JustSwim conducts lessons every day from 7 am to 8 pm at Sentosa and East Coast Beach.

Yes. Open water swimming is much more difficult than swimming in a regular pool because of conditions like currents and winds. Your body will also need to exert more effort in open water due to the colder temperature. Swimming straight in open waters is much more draining than swimming pools.

Studies have suggested that open water swimming can help with the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Improving your immune system
  • Increasing your fitness levels
  • Growing your muscles
  • Boosting your mood

Without training, swimming in open waters can be dangerous. You should avoid swimming unsupervised in such areas. But with proper training, you’ll learn safety measures and all the skills needed to swim confidently on beaches, oceans, lakes, or what-have-you.

Open water swim lessons are generally affordable and can cost $120 or lower for group sessions. Call our certified swim coaches for more information on our rates.


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