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Claim A Free Serangoon Swimming Lesson For You Or Your Child Worth $70 (REGISTER NOW!)

Have you been thinking about signing up for swimming lessons for your child but you’re not sure if they would like it?

Or perhaps YOU are thinking of picking up swimming but you’re having doubts about it? 

Let’s put your doubts to rest, shall we? 

At JustSwim, we are offering a free trial swimming lesson at Serangoon (be it for kids or adults) so that you or your child can try it out first! 

Simply click the button below to claim a free Serangoon swimming lesson!

JustSwim’s Proprietary Safety System Will Keep Your Child Safe

At JustSwim, we prioritise the safety of both our students and swimming instructors. 

On top of being certified, competent and experienced, our instructors have also been trained to implement safety measures that align with the latest COVID-19 guidelines.

This is to ensure a safe environment for students to learn swimming at Serangoon.

Serangoon Swimming Lessons And Venues

On top of ensuring the safety of students (especially kids), the instructors of JustSwim dedicate their time to customising their teaching techniques and lesson plans.

This is because we believe that a customised swimming lesson is more effective than a one-size-fits-all swimming lesson. 

Kids will be more comfortable to pick up swimming at their own pace, and therefore will be able to properly learn swimming techniques with ease. 

When you sign your child up for the kids swimming lessons at Serangoon, you can expect a lesson plan tailored for your child’s learning pace and experience so that they can enjoy their learning process.

If you’re wondering whether there are customised lesson plans for adults, yes there are! 

At JustSwim, we understand that adults have differing commitments and therefore learning paces. As such, we offer customised learning plans for adults too! 

This way, just like for the kids, lessons will be safer, more conducive and less overwhelming so that you can have a good time at your Serangoon swimming lessons!

Some ladies prefer to take swimming lessons taught by female swimming instructors. JustSwim gets that.

As such, we have a team of trained and certified female swimming instructors to conduct ladies-only swimming lessons in Serangoon!

Now you can pick up swimming comfortably and without any worries!ng coach, JustSwim is suitable for you.

Serangoon Swimming Complex

Our instructors offer swimming lessons at Serangoon Swimming Complex in the form of group classes or private 1-to-1 classes.

Like many swimming complexes in Singapore, Serangoon Swimming Complex is sufficiently equipped for swimming lessons



35-A Yio Chu Kang Road , Singapore 545552


Operating Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – 6.30am to 9.45pm


Organised classes: 

Weekday – 12pm to 6pm 

Weekend – 9am to 6pm


Our dedicated instructors are able to cater to all kinds of timing from morning to night, so you can schedule your lessons at your convenience.


Condos and Private Facilities

Alternatively, if you prefer having your swimming lessons in a condo or private pool in Serangoon, and if you have access to one, our instructors are able to conduct lessons there too!

Why Should You Choose JustSwim in Serangoon

JustSwim is currently offering a free trial swimming class in Serangoon for you or your child to “test the waters” with our experienced swimming coaches!

If you’ve been curious about how our swimming lessons are conducted or whether swimming is the right fit for you or your child, this is your chance to find out!

And don’t worry, this free trial swimming lesson is obligation-free, which means if you’re not satisfied with the trial lesson and are not keen on continuing with JustSwim, you may back out after the trial class.

As with our normal Serangoon swimming lessons, the trial class is also conducted at your desired location and timing!

3 Reasons Why Parents Are Signing Their Kids Up For Swimming Lessons At Serangoon

  1. Swimming is not merely a fun activity, but also a life skill. Parents want their kids to be equipped with these skills as they may be valuable to their lives in the future.
  2. The convenience of location – Serangoon Swimming Complex is located within close proximity to NEX and Serangoon MRT making it convenient to schedule swimming lessons after school.
  3. Swimming is a physical activity so parents sign their kids up to encourage an active lifestyle.

Our Patient Instructors Will Be In The Pool To Keep You Safe Until You Get Your Strokes Right

At JustSwim, our instructors are experienced, patient and responsible. 

To ensure maximum safety, our instructors will be in the water with you until you get your strokes right so you can learn without worries!

We assure you your swimming lessons at Serangoon will be safe.

JustSwim Offers A Customised Step-By-Step Syllabus

Are you worried that your child might feel overwhelmed about swimming lessons on top of their daily commitments like schoolwork and assignments? 

Not to worry! JustSwim’s customised step-by-step syllabus promises to set the learning pace to one that is comfortable for your child. 

This is to ensure that your child picks up swimming while having an enjoyable time! Adding to the stress of our students would be the last thing JustSwim would want to do! 

Learn at your own pace with JustSwim’s Serangoon swimming lessons!


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Serangoon Swimming Lessons​

Yes! Our instructors are able to conduct their lessons in any pool in Serangoon, be it public pools or private condo pools.

Yes, you may! Our swimming instructors at Serangoon have flexible timing so you can schedule lessons with them any time between 7am and 9pm.

The standard duration of a swimming lesson is 1 hour.

JustSwim adheres strictly to the latest COVID-19 safety guidelines. As of today, group classes can comprise of 8 pax maximum, for the safety of everyone.

Yes! You’d be glad to know that all our instructors are equipped with either Singapore’s National Registry Of Coaches Certification (NROC), the much accredited AUSTSWIM certification, or the Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association certification (SSTA).



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