Updated Safe Management Measures [ 7 December 2021]

We conduct swimming lessons that are extra safe and strict amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Coaching will only be conducted on a 1 to 1 basis. Learning will only take place at the opposite ends of the lane. Interaction with any other swimmers in the pool will be strictly not allowed. Read More.

swimming lessons rates

Rates For Swimming Lessons In Singapore


The Swimming Lesson Rates above are for 1 lesson of 30mins to 1hour depending on age of students / number of students.

Rates For Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Here at JustSwim, we offer a range of classes suitable for a variety of both adults and children. 

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Consider signing up your first free trial lesson worth $60 in swimming class fees

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Swimming Lesson Rates

The cost of your swimming lessons cover the cost of your trainer’s fees. There are no hidden charges involved.

Some extra costs you may need to incur include the cost of your swimming gear, fees for swimming tests, and registration fees for competitive events.

Payment for your swimming classes is collected during the first lesson of each month.

No, you won’t be required to pay a deposit before the swimming lessons commence.