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Claim A Free Trial Swimming Lesson At Yishun For You Or Your Child Worth $70

Keen to pick up a life skill? Try swimming! 

Here at JustSwim, we believe swimming is an important life skill for everyone, be it children or adults. 

As such, if you or your child has not signed up for a swimming class before, we are offering a free first lesson at Yishun where you’ll be able to witness and experience first-hand how our certified coaches conduct their lessons.

Simply click the button below to claim your first class for free.

Don’t Worry, JustSwim’s Proprietary Safety System Provides Maximum Safety For Children

Our competent swimming instructors in Yishun prioritises safety above all else.

Safety precautions adhering to the latest COVID-19 guidelines will be implemented in our swimming lessons in Yishun to guarantee the safety of all students and swimming coaches. 

That way, you can be sure to enjoy swimming lessons safely and our swimming coaches will enjoy conducting the lessons as well!

Who Can Join The Swimming Lessons In Yishun?

Our swimming instructors in Yishun are experienced in conducting swimming lessons for kids. They understand that each child learns at his/her own pace and swimming lesson plans should not be one-size-fits-all.

That’s why, at JustSwim, we show our commitment to each child by designing a customised swimming plan for them.

This will take into account their learning pace, experience and capabilities to ensure that they enjoy their time learning how to swim.

We guarantee that with our dedicated & experienced coaches in Yishun, your child will be able to pick up swimming regardless of their experience.

Adults are no different! JustSwim also believes that even adults have their own learning pace. As such, we tailor our adult swimming lessons as well! 

Let us know your swimming goals, background, and other commitments so that our swimming coaches can plan out a unique syllabus just for you! 

This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the process of learning how to swim, even if you have a phobia of water!

Ladies, have you been searching for a female swimming coach for yourself or your daughter? 

JustSwim recognises that a comfortable environment is a key factor in enhancing the learning experience. 

As such, we are providing a team of certified female swimming coaches who will be able to conduct swimming lessons for you or your child!

Swim At Yishun Swimming Complex

JustSwim offers swimming lessons at Yishun Swimming Complex. It comprises 1 competition pool, 1 teaching pool and 1 wading pool, making it more than enough for our swimming instructors to conduct swimming lessons for you!

You may sign up for group classes or private 1-to-1 classes.



351 Yishun Avenue 3 , Singapore 769057


Operating Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – 6.30am to 9.45pm

Wednesday – 9.00am to 9.30pm


Organised classes: 

Weekday – 12pm to 6pm 

Weekend – 9am to 6pm


Don’t worry about the timing! Our instructors are able to accommodate your preferred timing, so you could even have swimming lessons after work or school!


Swim In Condos Or and Private Pools

If you or your child prefer to have swimming lessons in a private pool to a public pool, and have access to a private pool like condo pools at Yishun, we’re happy to send our swimming instructors down to cater to your convenience and timing.

Why Choose Our Swimming Lessons In Yishun?

JustSwim lets you “test the waters” by claiming a free swimming lesson with our experienced coaches. 

From the trial class alone, you’ll be able to see how quickly you or your child will be able to pick up swimming.

In the event that the swimming lesson doesn’t meet your expectations or it just isn’t your cup of tea, you can back out after the trial class — it is obligation-free.

Besides, our coaches are able to conduct swimming lessons (both private and group) at your preferred timing and location. So you could simply head down to the public pool at Yishun Swimming Complex or your condo pool for lessons.

4 Reasons Why People Are Signing Up For Yishun Swimming Classes

  1. Swimming lessons are less disruptive now as pools are less crowded due to crowd control.
  2. Yishun Swimming Complex is located in between Yishun and Khatib MRT Stations, making it a convenient location. 
  3. There are many schools in the neighbourhood so students can conveniently attend swimming lessons at Yishun Swimming Complex after school. 
  4. Knowing how to swim opens up more opportunities for outdoor recreation. You or your child can feel safer and more secure during outdoor field trips such as kayaking or playing by the beach.

Until You Get Your Strokes Right, JustSwim’s Patient Coaches Will Not Leave The Swimming Pool

Safety is of utmost importance. Even if your child has not had prior swimming experience, don’t worry.

Our patient and dedicated coaches will stay in the pool and train your child until he/she gets the strokes right.

That way, they are within reach to ensure the safety of your child.

Your Child Will Enjoy JustSwim’s Step-By-Step Syllabus

Afraid that your child might be overwhelmed with too much to learn?

With JustSwim’s step-by-step syllabus specially curated for each child, their needs and potential will be matched. 

Each child will be able to learn at their own pace and get the most enjoyment and sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Claim your free trial lesson and see how we customise the lesson plan for your child.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our COVID-Safe Yishun Swimming Lessons​

Yes! Our coaches are able to cater to your preferred location and timing that best caters to your convenience. Whether a public pool or your condo pool, our coach will be there.

Get in touch with us to discuss further.

Yes! Our swimming instructors are able to schedule lessons anytime from 7am to 9pm.

With our flexible timing, scheduling and rescheduling will be easy and worry-free.

The standard duration of a swimming lesson is 1 hour.

As per the latest COVID-19 measures, the maximum number of students per group is 8 students. This is to ensure the safety of you and your child.

All our Yishun swimming instructors are equipped with either:

  • Singapore’s National Registry Of Coaches Certification (NROC), 
  • the much accredited AUSTSWIM certification, or
  • Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association certification (SSTA).



Claim your FREE Trial Class (Worth $70) if you decide to sign up.