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Fun Family Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Picture this: It’s a Friday. Your family’s bored out of their minds, thinking of the best way to spend it together.

Dining out is an option, but you already did this yesterday! You could try visiting Singapore’s parks and attractions, but those are already done and dusted.

What about family swimming lessons in Singapore? That’s something new. You can’t remember the last time you went swimming with the whole family. (You don’t even know if they can swim at all!).

Why not change up your bonding activity and take swim classes with the whole family? Sign up for JustSwim’s family swimming lessons and learn an important life skill, perfect for the whole bunch.

Family Swimming Lessons Everyone Will Enjoy

Welcome to our family swimming lesson packages in Singapore!

We at JustSwim Singapore believe learning to swim is a great experience for the whole family, and we have the qualities, techniques, and the qualified coaches to teach your kids or yourself this lifelong skill. 

Kids swimming lessons are popular, but now adults can get the chance to take swim classes with their kids and the entire family.

JustSwim is one of the few swim schools in Singapore offering proprietary family swimming lessons (so parents no longer have to aimlessly wait at the sidelines just for their kids to finish their swim lessons).

Our family swimming lessons are a wonderful way to spend quality time while also improving physical fitness together.

Learn How To Swim From Certified Swim Coaches

Good swim coaches are hard to come by. You’ve likely come across an inefficient coach in your youth who didn’t make swimming a fun experience for you.

But there’s no need to worry. All our family swimming lessons are facilitated by certified swim coaches that can customise their classes based on your skill level.

For example, floating, kicking, and developing your stroke are just a few of the fundamentals that our qualified coaches will teach your family. Meanwhile, more experienced students can learn advanced aquatic skills through our family swimming lessons.

Family Swimming Lessons For Kids And Adults

Our coaches are qualified professionals with experiences in teaching different age groups and skill levels.  

They are well-versed to coach from the basic swimming techniques to different kinds of float. Our coaches are patient and can communicate well with your young ones (and even the young at heart!)! 

More importantly, they will be able to coach all family members simultaneously. This is thanks to our family swim packages which include private swimming lessons. Private swim classes allow the whole family to learn how to swim in the comforts of their home without the inconvenience of public swimming pools.

Unique Teaching Approach at JustSwim Singapore
Work With Patient Coaches at JustSwim Singapore
Safe Swimming Lessons

Safe Swimming Lessons For The Entire Family

Afraid of the water? Our family swimming classes are designed to give everyone confidence in a swimming pool.

Safety is our top priority, and our qualified coaches will ensure the protection and learning of every family member while guaranteeing they have a fun time together. 

Master the freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke with the whole family and get skilled enough to participate in competitive swimming!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our family swimming lesson package today and start enjoying the benefits of swimming as a family! We offer family swimming lessons daily in public pools and condominiums island-wide, from 7 am to 8 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Parents can enrol their children in swim schools as early as four years old. Their motor skills would have been developed enough to learn basic water skills like floating, treading water, and finding exit points at this age.

No. Swimming lessons aren’t just for kids. They’re for the whole family too! If you haven’t had the opportunity to learn to swim as a child, you can easily learn in adulthood. JustSwim’s family swimming lessons will ensure all age groups get a chance to learn the sport.

Adults can learn basic swimming techniques after 20-25 hours of private lessons.

As a low-impact exercise, swimming brings several benefits. The whole family can burn calories, improve their mood, and develop their fitness together.


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